The world’s most personal tunnelling service

We manage your server, so you can enjoy an open internet

Great for small business and enterprise

A dedicated static IP for your team

Connect to your own private server, and whitelist a single IP to access remote systems elsewhere. Avoid the hassle of setting up VPN gateways within your own cloud.

Maximum power

1TB monthly transfer. Unmetered 1Gbps connection. Unlimited user accounts. Your choice of region. You have work to do, and we're not here to hold you back.

Once you've tried TunnelHero, other VPNs just aren't the same


$9.99 per month

Cancel any time
Save on Security


most popular
Paid yearly

Perfect for Travellers and Nomads

A better surfing experience

It's your server, which means no noisy neighbours, less CAPTCHAs, faster speeds, ads blocked at the gateway, unparalleled reliability, and exceptional security.

Freedom and security

Create a server on demand. Connect unlimited devices with their own connection profiles. It's your server.

Genuinely impressed with the connectivity and speeds. At one point today, I had to double check the VPN was actually active as I thought there was no way I was getting speeds this good on a VPN

Bypass unjust censorship and surveillance

Your gateway to the open internet

TunnelHero guarantees your access to the truly open internet, free of net neutrality violations or censorship. Works in every country on Earth.

Next-generation tunnels

Traverse the most oppressive firewalls. With support for the next-generation WireGuard protocol, your traffic is more invisible than ever. What they can't detect, they can't block.

Peace of Mind

Plug and Play

One-click setup on Apple devices. Easy install on Windows, Android, and Linux platforms.

Stay in control

We make it easy, but you stay in the drivers seat. Update your server's location, users, or features at any time. Or destroy it entirely with a click.

Really handy when travelling for work, my old VPN service was okay but the captchas drove me nuts. tunnelhero is like being at home

What makes TunnelHero different

Your own personal server

Choose any of our 8 regions to create your server in. Connect an unlimited number of devices. Destroy it with a click. You're in control.

From anywhere to anywhere

Move your server configuration to any region in a snap. Connect an unlimited number of devices. Browse freely on your own terms.

Engineered for reliability

Guaranteed server bandwidth means you can surf and stream reliably. No more solving CAPTCHAs and unparallelled reliability, since you're not sharing with dodgy neighbours.

Security you can rely on

TunnelHero's VPNs are unique in that we set up your server running the latest software, security and privacy patches — then we destroy our keys. This guarantee ensures your safety and security.

What are you waiting for?

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