Our Mission

Allow everyone to browse securely

Avoid having your physical location and browsing activity exposed to hackers, advertisers, or prying eyes.

Clutter free VPN service

We don't have our own apps and clients, we rely on open source and heavily scrutinized apps

Offer immutable servers to you

Once a server is up, it cannot be modified, not even we have access to it.

Run by people not corporations

Two of us started this, we haven't raised any capital, we have no corporate overlords.

Our Team

andrei head

Andrei M. - Backend Engineer

The reason I decided to start TunnelHero was pretty simple, I went into China for a conference, prior to that I signed up for a VPN service for 3 years, I get there and it doesn't work. Virtually all shared servers VPN services are easy to block. So I set up my own.

tom head

Tom M. - Frontend Engineer

I've always been facinated by computers and the internet, so when it became possible to build a VPN which was virtually unblockable I was drawn the opportunity to help people securely access the web.

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