Frequently Asked Questions

What makes TunnelHero different?

Unlike other VPN providers, TunnelHero provisions a single server per customer. This means your TunnelHero server is not shared with anyone else, and not even we have access to connect to it after creation. This ensures the utmost performance and privacy for you.

What devices and operating system do you support?

TunnelHero supports iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Do you offer static IPs?

Your IP is unique to you and static for the life of the server, so you can use it as a secure gateway. It may change if you move your server to another region or recreate it. Your server's static IP is always clearly visible in your Control Panel.

Do your servers write any logs?

Our servers do not log anything related to network connections or traffic at all.

Should I choose WireGuard® or IPSec?

Put simply, IPSec has wider built-in OS support but may require more CPU and may be blocked by some firewalls. WireGuard requires installing an application but is less resource intensive and harder to detect and block.

You can read more about the differences at Getting Started.

What countries does TunnelHero work within?

Connecting to TunnelHero servers works from within all countries, anywhere in the world. Our topology makes it very hard to block, and we have had zero reports of any blocked servers thus far.

How secure is TunnelHero? Can you see my traffic?

We can't see, and are not interested in the connections or traffic on your server. Even if your credentials are compromised, your server is inaccessible. After creation, we cannot access your server other than shutting it down.

What providers does TunnelHero use for its servers?

Currently we use DigitalOcean droplets to privision servers, and we're investigating other providers in future.

Let us know if you have a different provider in mind.

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