A new kind of Virtual Private Network

You get your own server

No sharing bandwidth, resources, or IPs with dodgy neighbours. With TunnelHero you get your own server, unlike any other VPN service.

All our servers are immutable

Once we create the server to your specification, we throw away the keys. It cannot be modified or inspected, because not even we have access to it.

You get a static IP

When a server is created you get a static IP, this is perfect if you need to whitelist an IP in a firewall!

We block ads and tracking for you

Blocking ads and tracking scripts at the VPN level speeds up your browsing, saves you bandwidth, and increases your privacy.

State of the art Encryption

Supports IKEv2 with strong crypto (AES-256-GCM, SHA2, and P-256) and WireGuard®.

Easy setup

Download profiles with a tap and you are on your way to a secure browsing exeprience. We provide guides for all major platforms.

Why use a VPN?

Bypass local censorship

With the rise of legislation designed to protect users from privacy and content threats, such as GDPR and others, take back control by browsing from elsewhere.

Hide your real location

Avoid having your physical location exposed to hackers, advertisers, or creepy social networks.

Stay safe on public and shared networks

Untrusted networks often allow anyone to eavesdrop on your connection. A secure VPN like TunnelHero ensures your data and communications stay safe.

Supported Locations

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bangalore, India

Frankfurt, Germany

London, UK

New York City, US

San Francisco, US


Toronto, Canada

More coming soon

Upgrade to a faster, more secure browsing experience

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